Product Photography General

Clear and sharp images are very powerful when promoting any product.  Those that are creatively taken and demonstrate the quality of the product, whether in situ or in manufacture, will help stimulate those initial positive thoughts and feelings.  Quality photography is one essential part of marketing a company and their products.  For advice on how to create the best imagery to promote your products and company, contact us at Paul Fears Photography -

The companies featured include:

The Ice Academy

Blazing Brush Studio who paints gaming figures for clients across the globe 

Music For You and the amazingly talented Andrew Jones, who provides professional trumpet music at a wide variety of events including weddings, special parties, corporate events, funerals and other events.


The Ice Academy Ice Sculpture Photographs

Blazing Brush Studio Gaming Figures Photographs

Music For You Trumpet Photographs

Bunting Magnetics Magnetic Kitchen Door Catches Photographs

Product Photographs Of Vintage Goods For Ty Hafan