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Creative Product Photography

Beautifully designed and made fashion accessories need to be marketed using photographs taken by a professional Commercial and Industrial Photographer. Then the photograph will encapsulate the detail of the design, the vibrant colours and create a desire to buy.  A good creative photograph can bring the product alive. Fashion accessories using poor imagery that may be poorly lit, out of focus or where the true colour has been lost, fail to ignite that imagination. Professionally taken photographs, using the best lighting and digital camera technology, will bring the product alive.

The fashion accessories featured in this collection include:

Handmade bags by Racy Soul (

Fashion jewellery by Jackdaw Jewellery

Luxury Gifts from Hermione Rose (photoshoot for Business In Focus)

Glasses from Eye Contact Eyecare, Caerphilly


Handmade Bags By Racy Soul

Jewellery By Jackdaw Jewellery

Luxury Gifts By Hermione Rose

Photographing Glasses At Eye Contact Eyecare