Photographs of Music Bands and Groups

Photographs Reflecting A Band's Identity

Photographing bands at rehearsals, gigs and on location can be really challenging, but capturing that atmosphere and vibe is a thrill. Imagery is a key part of the package that any band or group needs when looking to break into the music industry and that's what we aim to achieve. We work closely with the band, understanding and appreciating their image and their audience.  Working together it is possible to get some great edgy images.  If your band needs some decent and imaginative photographs, give us a call on 07909103789 or email us ( Some of the bands I've worked with so far are featured below:


Blackwaters At The Green Rooms Pontypridd

The Rhythm Bombers At Body And Soul Autoworks Cardiff

SLaM At The Green Rooms, Treforest

The Rhythm Bombers At The Old Bwl Inn

Peasants King At The Bullies Out Awards 2014 Cardiff

Gabrielle Murphy Rehearsing At The Green Rooms Treforest

SLaM Recording At The Sonic Forge Studios Cardiff Photos

The Rhythm Bombers Playing At Body And Soul Autoworks