Photographs for Websites

Creative Photography that Captures the Identity of Your Business

On a single page on a website, the average visitor only reads 28% of the words. Their focus is drawn to the imagery. If the imagery does not project what the visitor is expecting in terms of the message and the quality, they will simply move onto the next website. This process occurs in seconds.

Investing in imagery that reflects the essence of the business, the company identity and brand, and the quality of the products or services, is as important as investing in the website. The content (in terms of text), the imagery (in terms of photographs and diagrams or sketches), and the website layout all have to work together to ensure that any visitors to the site like what they see and engage by making an enquiry, communicating the information to other parties or making a purchase.

Paul Fears Photography specialises in working with companies and website designers to produce original and creative imagery specifically for websites.

The albums and photographs in this section are ones that have specifically been taken for websites, although many of the photographs (eg Business Portraits, Products, etc) in the business section are being used on company websites.

Beth Daniel Hair Designers in Bridgend with their website designed by Ian Case of Caseyoli;


Beth Daniel Hair Designers And Caseyoli

Photographs For Health And Safety Consultant Sagey Safety