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There's a Special Photograph for Everyone

Imagine one of these photographs mounted on your wall in your home or office as a large Canvas or simply as a Poster.  Truely unqiue and personally signed by the photographer. The images can even be downloaded as low resolution images, ideal for websites, screen savers, etc.

Paul Fears Photography has built up a stock of professionally produced images, which are now widely accessible for the very first time.  This is your opportunity to buy something unique for you or for someone special as a very imaginative gift. Please persue the albums and image how spectacular one of the photographs could be on the wall of your or someone's home or office.

Paul Fears Photography specialises in photographs taken in Wales:  Stunning Mountains; Beautiful Beaches; Dramatic Castles; Colourful Flowers; Loveable Cats and Dogs; Wild Animals and many other types of images.

Simply start by selecting a photograph from one of the albums below. Once your decision has been made, decide how to display it (framed picture, poster, canvas print, etc), select the size that is right for you and then place an order.

And if there is a particular image that you would like to purchase that is not presently available, please send an email to and we will check our archives for you or even arrange to go and photograph that specific picture.

Photographs of the Sun Setting and Rising

The Golden Sun Captured in a Photograph

Capturing photographs of the sun as day turns to night or as the new day dawns is one of the true pleasures of photography. The myriad of colours give such photographs a true 'wow' factor and they would look stunning mounted on anybody's wall.

For details on purchasing prints, canvases or framed photographs please contact Paul on

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Coastal Scene Photographs

Photographs of Beaches and Coastal Life

Whether it is dramatic stormy waves crashing against rocks or a sun soaked golden beach, the British coastline is fantastic to photograph.  This collection captures not only the coastal landscape, but also features life on the coast, whether that is surfing or simply walking the dog.

The beaches and coasts featured include:

  • Rhossili Bay in The Gower South Wales, UK;
  • Porthcawl in South Wales, UK;
  • Ogmore-by-sea in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK;
  • Vale of Glamorgan coastline, South Wales, UK;
  • Barry and Barry Island, South Wales, UK;
  • Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK;

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Castle Photographs

Photographs of Historical Castle Architecture

Castles dating back hundreds of years can be found in every corner of the United Kingdom.  In South Wales there is a plethora of dramatic castles with incredible architecture from a time of knights and broadswords.  Many, like Caerphilly and Raglan, are well preserved and provide an amazing insight into the lives of the people at the time.

This collection focuses on castles in South Wales and includes:

  • Caerphilly Castle
  • Caldicot Castle
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Castell Coch
  • Chepstow Castle
  • Grosmont Castle
  • Raglan Castle
  • Skenfrith Castle
  • White Castle

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Lakes and Reservoir Photographs

Photographs of Inland Waters

Mirrored reflections and scenes along the banks of lakes and reservoirs create wonderful images for wall displays at home, in the office or in hotels.

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Urban Culture

Urban culture photographs capture images of trends and movements within our towns and cities, especially Cardiff and elsewhere in South Wales.  The albums in this selection include:

- Outdoor markets in Cardiff Bay

- Mods and their scooters

- A Rockabilly cafe at Body & Soul AutoWorks in Cardiff

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Sports Events Photographs

I love photographing sporting events.  This selection of photographs capture the wonderful atmosphere of some major and minor sporting events including the final victorious British Lions rugby union test played in Sydney, Australia in July 2013 and inside the Millennium or Principality Stadium in Cardiff, South Wales.

For the photograph 'Happy Travellers' in the album 'The Final British Lions vs Australia Test' Paul Fears received a Highly Commended Award and featured in the CRBE Urban Photographer of Year 2013 book.

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Architecture Photography

Photographing Our Architectural History

We are blessed with the most amazing historical record of buildings in South Wales and the UK, a perfect subject for any photographer.  This selection of photographs focuses on traditional and new homes and buildings rather than castles and includes such museums as St Fagan's in South Wales.

The Dog Fighting Pit at St Fagans

The evolution of our homes from buildings shared with animals up to the modern glass dominated designs has been quite fantastic.  The shape, colour and tecture of urban architecture can be beautiful to photograph.  Images of both old and new buildings tell a story about the location. 

Many of the featured images are of buildings in South Wales and, in particular Cardiff and Pontypridd.  In Cardiff, many of the buildings are iconic with the beautiful Portland stone buildings around the National Museum of Wales or the stunning Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.

This selection attempts to take photographs that are more abstract that just the more typical shot, focusing on specific features or using light and shadow to emphasise certain features.

All the photographs in this collection can be purchased as images to download, as prints or even for display (framed, canvas, etc).

Paul Fears is a Commercial and Industrial Photographer based in South Wales and often works on projects photographing house builds, extensions and renovations.  For more information, please contact Paul on:

Tel:  07909 103789


Via the website

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Flowers and Tree Photographs

Photographs Capturing the Colour and Shape of Flowers and Trees

Flowers and trees produce the most incredible colours, wonderful shapes and beautiful textures, all perfect for capturing on camera. I am particularly fond of trees, especially in the Spring and Autumn, when the colours appear more diverse and striking.  This selection of albums includes both a range of photographs of fauna and trees, both wild and and cultivated flowers, mainly from the South Wales area including Bute Park in Cardiff, South Wales.

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Foreign Shores

I have been very fortunate in my life to have the opportunity to travel extensively on business. Every country, city and town has something unqiue and, when I had a chance, I managed to take a photograph that just seemed to reflect my location.

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In 2013, Paul Fears received a 'Highly Commended' award for his photograph 'Happy Travellers' from CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year. Further details on the award and the photograph can be found by clicking here.

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Mountain Photographs

Views From and of Mountains in the British Isles

The British Isles is blessed with some of the World's most beautiful mountains. In Wales, there are the Brecon Beacons that run through the heart of the country with the highest peak of Pen-y-Fan rising above the rest and to the North there are the dramatic Snowdonian mountains with Mount Snowdon itself and Cadair Idris. The views are spectacular and I have been fortunate enough to walk the mountains on many occassions and photograph the views.  Many of these photographs have been purchased as large canvases and framed pictures.

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Urban Scene Photographs

Photographs of Our Urban Environment

Cities provide great opportunities for striking photographs depicting our urban environment. An urban photograph could simply be the lights of a shop shining on a wet pavement or shoppers burdened with bags of purchased goods. Each city is unique with its own identity, style and culture and these photographs just aim to give the audience a glimpse of the atmosphere in the featured cities.

All the featured photographs are available to purchase either as downloaded images or for wall mounting (eg canvas, framed and mounted). For more information email us on

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Historical Reenactment

The colours and fashion of the Tudors, the Stuarts, medeival times and other historical ages are relived every weekend by enthusiasts across the UK. The costumes are fabulous, lovingly made with an eye for details in terms of the style, fabrics and colours. It provides a chance for everyone to get a true sense of how our relatives lived, often in very difficult and challenging conditions. In Wales, there are many historical re-enactment groups taking advantage of the wonderful castles including Caerphilly, Raglan and Cardiff to name but a few. Photographing such events and meeting the people is always a joy.

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Places To Stay

Discovering a lovely place to stay, whether a hotel, bed and breakfast or self-catering accomodation, is always special. This album features many of our favourites and links to their wesbites can be found below.

The Malt House, Talybont-on-Usk


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Photographing Waterfalls

Landscape Photograph in South Wales

Even though I am an Industrial and Commercial Photography, I love getting the opportunity to set off early in the morning or late in the evening to go to one of the many beauty spots in Wales and photograph our wonderful landscape.

Sgwd Gwladus

Photographing waterfalls is particularly special.  The sight and sound of the rushing flow of water cascading over a waterfall is one of nature's wonders. Using specific photographic techniques and equipment, the energy of the water can be captured in an image.  Some of the images in this collection have been taken with a long exposure to highlight the flow of water, whilst others are taken with a shorter shutter speed to freeze the water as it flows.

All the photographs in these collections can be purchased as a downloaded image, a simple print or poster in a range of sizes and for display on a wall as a canvas, framed or acrylic mounted photograph, again in a range of sizes.  For more information please see the details below each photograph or contact me on:

Tel:  07909 103789


In this collection are photographs from the following waterfalls:

Sgwd Gwladus, The Elidir Trail, Waterfall Country, near Pontneddfechan in South Wales, UK

Melincourt Falls, a 80ft high (24m) waterfall on the Melin Court Brook, a left bank tributary of the Neath River 1m south of Resolven in the county borough of Neath Port Talbot South Wales

Henrhyd Falls near Coelbren, the tallest waterfall in South Wales

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Dramatic storms, with dark foreboding clouds, high winds and heavy rain, can produce some startling images. In the UK, especially on the west coast, we experience our fair share of rough weather. In 2014, the winter storms damaged sea fronts and caused havoc across the UK, providing many amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to capture that energy in a single image.

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Photographs Converted Into Video

Selected collections of photographs displayed on the Paul Fears Photography website have been converted into videos and can be seen on the Paul Fears YouTube site.  To view the videos in YouTube please click on the following links:

The Ty Hafan Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge (Stage 1 Snowdon)


All the featured videos have been produced by Tom Fears.



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Caerphilly Christmas Market 2014

For Unique Calendars Framed and Mounted Photographs and Greetings Cards

Photographs on display for sale include those in the albums below.  Come and see us on stall 26 near the Kings Arms on the main street in the centre of town.


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Photographs of Bridges

Man's Ability to Design and Build a Crossing

Bridges are often spectacular, with incredible engineering overcoming some of nature's most difficult natural barriers.  Images that reflect people's desire and determination to cross a stretch of water or valley, no matter how wide or how deep, can be amazing.  In this album are photographs of:

The original Severn Bridge crossing at sunset;

The Iron Bridge in Shropshire;

Please note that all the photographs in this album can be purchased as downloadable images, prints or in a wide range of frames..

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Night Scene Photography

Photographs Capturing the Magic of the Night

Even though there is limited light, photographs using long exposures to absorb as much light as possible can produce very special imagery.  Whether it is a full moon or lights flickering on the surface of rippling water, photographing in the night is always a treat.

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Historical Building Photographs

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Photographs of Classic Cars and Vans

Classic cars and old VW Vans have so much more character than new vehicles, especially if they are covered in rust!  This collection of photographs includes some classic VW Vans and some American classic cars.

The first set of photographs were taken at Body and Soul Autoworks in Cardiff where rockabilly band The Rhythm Bombers was playing a live gig.  Bouncing!

Classic Rusty VW Vans

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Photographs at Music Concerts

Capturing the Magic of Live Music

This selection of photographs have been taken as a fan of music and not as an assigned photographer.  I love going to gigs. There is nothing better than listening to a band strutting their stuff and their connection with the audience.  It is fantastic.  These photos are all taken as one of the crowd!

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