Equipment Installed at Site Photography

Photographs for Case Histories, Exhibition Stands and Online Marketing

One of the best ways of promoting equipment is to show quality images of equipment working at your customer's site. Often this can be difficult due to the layout of the plant, but showing your equipment installed and operating with a professionally taken photograph in a brochure, on your web site or at an exhibition is truly worth a thousand words.

Paul Fears Photography's PR Service

In additional to photographic services, Paul Fears Photography also offers all customers a PR service whereby the end user with be interviewed and a detailed case history will be written.  This detailed article with photographs will be suitable for local, national and international press.  It is widely acknowledged that case histories with quality photographs have a far greater chance of being published both in the printed and online press. Published articles can be viewed here.

Photographs in this set include:

BPI Minster Films using Bunting Magnetics Europe magnetic separators

Vulcanis using Bunting Overband Magnets

BCMY using a Bunting Magnetic Drum to recycle laser and toner catridges

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Product Photography Engineering and Manufacturing

Commercial and Industrial Product Photographs for Business

Using professional quality images in a company's promotional activities is essential. A professionally taken Product Pphotograph ensures that the quality of the product is maintained in the image.  These images are then used to communicate their message through online marketing (websites and social media) as well as more traditional marketing collateral such as brochures, advertisements, press releases and technical literature.

Paul Fears Photography specialises in producing creative Product Photography, taking a standard product and using different techniques to produce an image that ignites the imagination.

With over 25 years' experience in manufacturing and engineering, Paul Fears Photography is able to provide you with the best possible image for your website, brochure, technical literature, exhibition or for display on your reception wall.

Q'Straint - Wheelchair restraints and safety systems

PK Safety - Industrial Safety Gear

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd

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Business Portrait and Headshot Photographs

Professional Headshots Reflecting You and Your Company's Identity and Brand

How often are business people's photographs on social networking sites simply poorly lit snapshots taken on their mobile phone or on the computer's camera? To protect and reflect the image and brand of your company, Paul Fears Photography can either visit your offices and take professional quality photographs of the key members of your team or arrange for you to have them taken at our studio in Church Village, just outside Pontypridd. Quality photographs protect and enhance your company's image and reputation.  Clients who have agreed for us to show their Business Portraits are:


DPT Financial Solutions

Effective HRM

Lawrence Miller & Co

M&D Properties


And more relaxed and informal portraits for Dave Morris of Keys Create

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Business Event Photography

Event Photography for Businesses

Business events such as Company and Industry Conferences, Networking Meetings and End of Year Celebrations provide excellent opportunities for post event marketing using professional images. Capturing that wonderful smile as they collect that precious award is special. The photographs are ideally made available to the guests, customers or employees and can be used in social media and on websites.

Photographs of Award ceremonies can be seen in the Business Awards section.

Dunelm Opening

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Headshot Photography for the Media

Actors Headshots in Cardiff

Professional headshots are essential for anyone involved in the media. Headshots for actors are very specific and need to capture their character and personality. When taking the photograph, it is important to understand and appreciate how the image is ultimately going to be used. For actors, capturing the right image that reflects the type of character and role that they are targeting is also important. Headshot photography is not simply having a photo taken. It is all about capturing what is underneath the skin.

Paul Fears Photography advocates that headshots are photographed in their studio just outside Cardiff and also on location, often using urban themed backdrops.

Featured in this collection are the following actors:

Brad Channer - additional details are on Spotlight

Samantha Lyddiatt - additional details are on  Spotlight

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Product Photography Fashion Accessories

Creative Product Photography

Beautifully designed and made fashion accessories need to be marketed using photographs taken by a professional Commercial and Industrial Photographer. Then the photograph will encapsulate the detail of the design, the vibrant colours and create a desire to buy.  A good creative photograph can bring the product alive. Fashion accessories using poor imagery that may be poorly lit, out of focus or where the true colour has been lost, fail to ignite that imagination. Professionally taken photographs, using the best lighting and digital camera technology, will bring the product alive.

The fashion accessories featured in this collection include:

Handmade bags by Racy Soul (

Fashion jewellery by Jackdaw Jewellery

Luxury Gifts from Hermione Rose (photoshoot for Business In Focus)

Glasses from Eye Contact Eyecare, Caerphilly

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Product Photography General

Clear and sharp images are very powerful when promoting any product.  Those that are creatively taken and demonstrate the quality of the product, whether in situ or in manufacture, will help stimulate those initial positive thoughts and feelings.  Quality photography is one essential part of marketing a company and their products.  For advice on how to create the best imagery to promote your products and company, contact us at Paul Fears Photography -

The companies featured include:

The Ice Academy

Blazing Brush Studio who paints gaming figures for clients across the globe 

Music For You and the amazingly talented Andrew Jones, who provides professional trumpet music at a wide variety of events including weddings, special parties, corporate events, funerals and other events.

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Charity Event and Promotion Photography

Supporting Charities with Quality Photography

Charity organisations provide essential support and funding that, sadly too often, would not otherwise be provided. Recently, there appears to be a growing reliance on charities to provide the services that were previously supplied by others. Without the amazing support of volunteers, fund raisers and the generosity of all those people who donate, many families and individuals would suffer and struggle.

Ty Hafan Fun Day

The albums in this section focus on the work of a few charities, mainly in South Wales, and will hopefully continue to inspire everyone to do something to help and support someone or some family in need.  Please note that ALL PROFITS FROM THE PURCHASE OF ANY PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS COLLECTION GO TO THAT PARTICULAR CHARITY.  The charities featured include:

  • Ty Hafan, the young person's hospice in South Wales. I worked with Ty Hafan as the official photographer on the 2014 Welsh 3-Peaks Challenge;
  • Touch Trust providing unique creative movement programmes for individuals with learning disabilities, those affected by autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), complex needs, behaviour which challenges, and other vulnerable groups in the community;
  • Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity, who believe passionately that all children in Wales should get the best hospital care;
  • Emmaus, is a homelessness charity who staged a sleepout in Porthcawl to raise awareness and funds;
  • Big Cwtch and the Beat the Barrel challenge raising money for Ty Hafan and Velindre Cancer Care; 

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Factory and Site Photography

Photographs of Buildings, Equipment In-Situ and Operating

Quality photographs of a company's factory are ideal for many forms of promotion. Creative images give clients and suppliers a positive impression of the business, especially when distance means that there are limited opportunities for them to visit. Apart from standard photographs of the building, more creative and interesting photographs of processes and operations inside the factory or on the site can help explain the business. The albums in this section feature highly regarded businesses in South Wales including.

Arrow Value Recovery - based in Aberdare, South Wales, Arrow reclaim, reuse and recycle ICT equipment by providing data security and brand protection;

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd - located in Berkhamsted, UK, Bunting manufacture and supply a wide range of magnetic separation and metal detection equipment and magnet components and assemblies;

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Photographs of Music Bands and Groups

Photographs Reflecting A Band's Identity

Photographing bands at rehearsals, gigs and on location can be really challenging, but capturing that atmosphere and vibe is a thrill. Imagery is a key part of the package that any band or group needs when looking to break into the music industry and that's what we aim to achieve. We work closely with the band, understanding and appreciating their image and their audience.  Working together it is possible to get some great edgy images.  If your band needs some decent and imaginative photographs, give us a call on 07909103789 or email us ( Some of the bands I've worked with so far are featured below:

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Interior Photographs Offices Flats Houses

One key aspect of promoting the sale or rental of an appartment, flat, house or office is using good, professional imagery. When a client views a website, they want the image to reflect what they are considering. It is the photographer's responsibility to ensure that the image shows the room or office in the 'best light'. When taking a photograph professionally, many aspects of the image need to be considered including the ambient light, the geometry of the room and features that make the room or office look fit for purpose. These are details that help the client and increase the chance of securing the contract.

The albums featured include:

M & D Properties providing high quality student accomodation.


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Photographs for Websites

Creative Photography that Captures the Identity of Your Business

On a single page on a website, the average visitor only reads 28% of the words. Their focus is drawn to the imagery. If the imagery does not project what the visitor is expecting in terms of the message and the quality, they will simply move onto the next website. This process occurs in seconds.

Investing in imagery that reflects the essence of the business, the company identity and brand, and the quality of the products or services, is as important as investing in the website. The content (in terms of text), the imagery (in terms of photographs and diagrams or sketches), and the website layout all have to work together to ensure that any visitors to the site like what they see and engage by making an enquiry, communicating the information to other parties or making a purchase.

Paul Fears Photography specialises in working with companies and website designers to produce original and creative imagery specifically for websites.

The albums and photographs in this section are ones that have specifically been taken for websites, although many of the photographs (eg Business Portraits, Products, etc) in the business section are being used on company websites.

Beth Daniel Hair Designers in Bridgend with their website designed by Ian Case of Caseyoli;

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Sports Club and Events Photography

Capturing the Beauty and Challenge of a Sport in Photographs

Photographs that capture the energy and exhilaration of training and sports participation help promote the benefits of joining a club.  Marketing images need to reflect the people who will use the club and it is important not to use stock images that may portray what is deemed to be the perfect shape or body.  The photographs need to be real and show the club's identity.

The Sports Clubs featured include:

Bodylab where the photographs were taken for their new website designed by Cove Digital

Challenge Wales, a charity based in Cardiff offering youngsters the opportunity of experiencing the excitment of sailing a round-the-world yacht;

Garw Valley Fitness

Many golf courses, especially in Wales, are blessed with some incredible views of the surrounding countryside. When taking promotional photographs of a course, it is important to capture something that enables a potential visitor to imagine themselves actually playing and taking that shot. Therefore, in many of the images there are references, many subtle, to the fact that this is a golf course and the photographs are not simply landscape images.  The golf courses featured in this collection include:

Pontypridd Golf Club, Pontypridd, South Wales, UK

Charity Golf Days (Please note that if any photographs are ordered from the website £2.00 of every £2.50 will be donated to the charity)

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Food and Restaurant Photography

Photographs Good Enough To Eat

For any restaurant or food establishment, quality photographs of their food are essential. Food is all about the smell, the taste and the colour and these senses need to be stimulated by the photograph. Using the right lighting and depth of field is essential, whilst also trying to capture the essence of what their restuarant is all about. A good, well constructed and taken photograph will make the viewer desire that item of food. Their next step could be to book a table...

The photographs in this collection include:

Hogwurst, Cardiff - The photographs were taken for the new website promoting the fantastic range of hotdogs from this fabulous restaurant in Cardiff.  The website was designed and developed by Daniel Ryan of Pink Lemonade.

Grills Steakhouse, Pontypridd - The photographs were specifically taken for the new website, designed and built by Ian Case of Caseyoli

Garnish Cymru, Treforest - These photographs were taken for new markleting materials including their new website, also designed and built by Ian Case of Caseyoli

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Art Photography

Photographs to Promote an Artist's Work

Photographing Art is extremely challenging, especially when your aim is to replicate the colours, the texture and the feeling of an artist's work.  A photograph will never be as good as the original painting or sculpture, but a well constructed and lit image is important to enable the artist to market their work.  The selection also includes photographs of exhibitions including Laura Parsons of Oil & Clay working alongside her paintings at the Pontypridd Museum in South Wales.  All the photographs displayed in these albums have been personally selected by the artists, who include:

Laura Parsons from Oil and Clay

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Shop and Store Photography

Photographs Showing Customers What You Sell

Using quality images on websites and in social media is one important way to communicate the feel and content of a high street shop, store, coffee shop or tea room.  The images allow customers to see the type and style of products that are on display, encouraging them to visit.  The imagery needs to be crisp, clear, colourful and informative and the professionalism of such photography ensures that the viewer sees the shop as offering quality goods that they wish and need to purchase.

The albums in this section include:

Flow Surf and Skate in Porthcawl (the photoshoot was arranged by Business In Focus)

Brambles Tea Room in Llantwit Major (the photoshoot was arranged by Business In Focus)

Dandie Crafts in Treforest producing photographs for their website designed by Caseyoli


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Exhibition and Trade Show Photography

Photographs at Exhibitions of Stands and Equipment

Photographs of stands taken during any exhibition are ideal for many forms of post-exhibition marketing.  Quality images can be posted on company websites and used in social media (eg Twitter, LinkedIn) to continue the marketing of the brand and continuing the communication with existing and prospective clients.

The same photographs can also be used to promote future events, creating familiarity with a company's brand and identity.

Paul Fears Photography also provides photographic services for exhibition organisers and an example of this work can be seen in the August 2015 Skip Hire Magazine where photographs taken at the Waste 15 exhibition in Salford feature on the cover and in the article reviewing the exhibition.  All the photographs from the exhibition can be seen in the album.


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Press Photography

Creative Photographs For Better Exposure

Getting a press release or case history published in print or online is significantly enhanced by using creative professional photography. It is acknowledged that supplying a photograph with the text will increase the chances of being published and also the amount of engagement from readers. Such images can also be used in digital marketing, promoting the business through blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Paul Fears Photography works closely with a number of businesses on their press photography and we also write press releases, case histories, blogs and website content.  This section includes photographs taken for and of the following businesses.

Business In Focus

Garw Valley Health and Fitness Club

Amaryllis Hair



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Press Releases and Case History Articles and Photographs

Writing Press Releases and Case Histories for Online and Printed Press

With a 20 year background in Marketing and PR, Paul Fears Photography provides clients with a one-stop shop for Press Releases and Case Histories.  Whilst taking the necessary high quality photographs at a site, the end client is interviewed and, post visit, a detailed structured article is written.  Press releases and case histories accompanied by good creative photographs have got a far greater chance of being published and Paul's work has been featured in publications and online news sites globally.  The final written article and the photographs can be distributed to the media by Paul Fears Photography or can be provided to the client for their own marketing department to liaise with the media.  Clients achieve exposure in online and printed press globally and include Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd and PK Safety.

A selection of online coverage includes:

Skip Hire Magazine for PK Safety (Health & Safety Surgery at RWM 2015)

Euro Bulk Systems for Bunting Magnetics Europe (Investing in Exporting)

Process & Control for Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd (BCMY Ltd Recycle Laser & Toner Cartridges using a Bunting Magnetic Drum)

HUB for Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd (BCMY Ltd Recycle Laser & Toner Cartridges using a Bunting Magnetic Drum)

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Photographs of Tourist and Media Attractions

Marketing Photography for the UKs Most Popular Attractions

Professional photographs that help market some of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK and South Wales are included in this collection.  As a Commercial and Industrial Photographer, we work closely with the client to understand and appreciate the visuals they intend to use to promote their attraction.  This means working alongside everyone involved in making the attraction successful, from the managers to graphic designers and the people who are there to ensure the paying public have a fantastic time.

Included in this collection is:

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff, UK and a report on the new attraction can be read in the online Radio Times and on the Visit Wales website

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Christmas Themed Product and Company Photography

Celebrating Christmas With a Photograph

Trying to stand out from amongst the crowd at Christmas is always difficult, but I have been working with several companies to produce imagery and Christmas cards that reflect their business and identity, but in a slightly quirky and very festive spirit.

All the photographs in this collection have been taken in my studio and try to introduce a little humour into the feative season and more photos will be posted as we approach Christmas.  The Christmas Cards that have been produced really help them stand out from the crowd.  The companies that I have worked with on these projects are:

Andrew Jones from Music for You

Mark John from MJ Training Solutions

Carlton Hicks from Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd

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Sports Hospitality Event Photography

Photographs with Rugby Union Icons

We work with Paul Fielding of Legends Hospitality at pre and post match hospitality events in Cardiff pre and post a rugby test match at the Wales Millennium Stadium.  Paul's events are always attended by icons of rugby union and featured in these albums is:

Phil Bennet Gareth Llewellyn

  • Phil Bennett (Wales & British Lions);
  • Garin Jenkins (Wales)
  • Frank Bunce (All Black and Western Samoa);
  • Steve Fenwich (Wales & British Lions);
  • JPR Williams (Wales & British Lions);
  • Kingsley Jones (Coach of Newport Gwent Dragons);
  • Gareth Llewellyn (Wales);
  • Graham Price (Wales & British Lions);
  • Mark Titley (Wales);

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Photographs of Architecture Houses and Buildings

Photographing Homes and Building

As a Commercial Photographer, I get the opportunity to photograph some amazing architecture and watch as a building evolves from an idea to someone's home or place of work.  Projects where I photograph the build in stages is really exciting, watching as wood, concrete and brick are transformed into a home.

To get the best photograph of a home or building and to produce an image that reflects the architectural concept and the quality of the build needs careful consideration and planning.

This collection of photographs is continually evolving and not all of the projects that I work on can be included.  They include projects for Smarta Technology.

For further information on photographing houses and buildings or discuss a specific project please contact us on:

Tel:  01443207773 or 07909103789

Via the website



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Business Awards Photography

Photographing Awards Ceremonies and Gala Dinners

As an Event Photographer in South Wales, one of the best events to cover is a Business Awards evening.  Photographing companies being acknowledged for their outstanding achievements is fantastic and the atmosphere tends to be electric with anticipation and excitement.

Paul Fears Photography covers events either as a single, double or even triple photographer team, ensuring that nothing is missed.

When necessary, we ensure that the key photographs of winners are in the hands of the PR team early the next day for media use.

Photographs of Business Events can be seen in a separate album.

South Wales Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015

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Photography for Makeup Artists and Beauticians

Photographs that Capture Colour, Texture and Composition

Taking photographs that correctly reflect the work of a makeup artist or beautician needs careful planning and setup.  Light is vital and producing a soft, diffused light that brings out the colours is vital.  It is important to work with the models to get the right pose and expression.

Professionally taken photographs ensure that the images used to market that business truly reflect the skill and creativity of the artist.

Sian Sibley Makeup

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Ty Hafan Welsh 3 Peaks Photographs

Challenging Mountains and Raising Money for Ty Hafan

Photographs for the 2017 and 2016 Ty Hafan Welsh 3 Peaks can be seen in the four albums at the bottom of this page. Congratulations to everyone who took part.  

Also, please note that 100% of the profits of any Welsh 3 Peaks photo download or print purchase goes straight back to Ty Hafan.  If you have any problems or questions about ordering downloads or prints, please contact me on Follow our Twitter feed @paulfearsphoto for further notifications.

Photographs from previous Ty Hafan Welsh 3 Peaks Challenges can be seen on:





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Event Photography

Event Photography in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, South Wales

As well as Event Photography for business and charities, we also provide event photography for organised events such as Beaujolais Day.  Photography can be provided by one or more photographers to capture the atmosphere of the event.

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